Learn How To Make Money

With Paid Advertising

Using Native Advertising & Advertorials


Is Your Business Underperforming Or Failing Because You Can't Figure Out How To Get Profitable Paid Traffic?

For many entrepreneurs, the lack of generating qualified traffic to their offers is a death sentence. If you cant create profitable advertising campaigns, it's just a foregone conclusion that your business will never meet or exceed your expectations; actually, you may end up going out of business altogether.

Are You Spending More On Your Ads Than You're Making?

I've coached many business owners that never figured out how to consistently generate leads and sales with a profitable paid advertising campaign. It didn't matter if they were using Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, or Twitter - the result was still the same. They were spending more money on the ad campaigns than they were bringing in in sales. This is a surefire way to quickly go out of business.

Are You Overwhelmed And Confused

By All The Information That's Out There?

There's an old saying that goes "The confused mind doesn't make decisions." In today's climate, entrepreneurs are bombarded with thousands of messages each day. And if we continue to listen to all these messages we will never succeed, it's called overload.

We also have to have the power of discernment to know what's real and what's not. I had to personally weed out the information sources I was listening to because it became too much. I cut down the number of podcasts I was listening to, the number of newsletters I was subscribed to, and the number of mastermind groups I was in.

With that being said; I locked in on a few resources that I found were legit and super helpful and I've found myself being more productive than ever.

I know you're probably inundated with gurus, get-rich-quick scheme opportunities, and promises that seem too good to be true - and they probably are.

That's why I want to tell you from my twenty-plus years as a successful serial entrepreneur that there is no shortcut to entrepreneurial success. It boils down to elevating your entrepreneur IQ and improving your skillset with the transferable skills that you can use for any type of business.

BEB Ads Workshop

The BEB Ads Workshop is a no-nonsense, practical program that teaches you fundamental skills for building a profitable paid advertising campaign. This is not based on fads, or the newest hot social media platform, or software tool. The formula is tried and true and has been used by billion-dollar companies (I'll show you live examples during the workshop) for years.

In this live two-session training workshop you will learn the following:

  • The "Profitable Ad Formula" (that you must follow)
  • The 7 components of an advertorial & how to write one
  • What native advertising is and how to use it to drive traffic to your advertorial
  • Sample templates
  • One hour of 1-On-1 coaching with me to review your advertorial
  • Unlimited access to session recordings if you miss a live session
  • Plus much more

If you're serious about transforming your business, make sure you're one of the first to enroll. There are only five (5) spots available for this program due to the fact that I can only allot time to do five 1-On-1 sessions.

Session # 1 - Wednesday, September 14, 2022, from 8 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST

Session # 2 - Wednesday, September 21, 2022, from 8 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST

1-On-1 Session With Jay - will be scheduled after session # 2

Who Is This For?

If you're not able to generate leads and sales with your paid advertising campaigns, you have a major problem. If you don't fix the problem, your business will not run at maximum efficiency and you will leave money on the table - or worse, you could be forced to close your business.

If you are having any of these issues or more than one of these issues, you need to enroll in the program:

  • You're not making money in your business (you're losing money)
  • You're having trouble staying afloat and it's affecting your household and relationships
  • You're spending more on your paid ads than you're making on them
  • You've been trying to make sales with paid ads and it's not working for you
  • You can't convert your prospects into paying customers
  • You need to build a database
  • You can't generate enough qualified leads to sell to
  • You can't scale your business
  • You want to take advantage of the holiday shopping goldrush
  • You want to make money selling physical products in Q4
  • You're about to quit
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